Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Kerrera island March 2015. It had been raining hard for days. The grass was glistening and slid off the surface on every step like a loose blister under a bandage. I braced to take this photo and slipped immediately afterwards. The result is most of the already exposed film have 'watermarks' interfering with the image. Tom slipped earlier on; jumping with excitement at the sight of a castle ruin (just out of shot to the right of this image) he left a long, single skid mark behind him. He was sliding in slow motion and sustained a crotch hole the length of his thigh. In the hilarity and adrenaline of the fall the discovery of the exposed crotch was delayed till sometime later. I caught a first glance through my muddied lens as I zoomed in for a wee portrait by the burn.