Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Feeling calm after developing 6 months worth of film and it all turning out ok. The bag had been expanding and I took the risk.

Stars of the lid may be sneaking in and making me feel sentimental or unreasonably still in response to the above photos but I think they might be nice without the soundtrack too.

They look better viewed as full size.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

a day in st andrews learning how to save the world

Attended a human rights conference today - interesting and shocking facts and figures and good to gather some history (I am always disgusted how little I retain) but I am unsure what the role of a medical student is (if any)- in changing the disparity between health care allocations world wide.
I've observed a few people within the profession who seem to have the confidence that they are the missing link yet I think this is a disgusting show of ego and ignorance. Today, however had little of that character yet I don't know how much of an effect a conference with free chocolate and crisps and a fried lunch can do about that.

The lectures and discussions were very informative and enough to bring about some enthusiasm and debate do that is nice. And well done to those who organised.

Did go away for an hour to get a coffee from a nice wee organic (and fairtrade eh) cafe and had a wee wander of the beach. Recorded some beachy noise but my phone seems to have devoured it.

Came home to 3 consecutive bowls of mussels a la flatmate's Dad, now about to film and cuddle with another flatmate while we digest and gossip.

The most autobiographical post I've indulged in. I tend to write here very shyly but what the hell, today I am happy and I might like to write where it won't get lost on a pad of paper under my bed.

not bad samsung phone