Sunday, 10 April 2011

the bugs are back

The sun is out and barbecues tempt away from study, as does the perusal of last Summer's pictures. A quick reference to some element of revision - Campylobacter is the most common infecting organism of the barbecue belly. Spiders and wasps have started their invasion through my window. Here is a picture I like alot from last Summer from a cycle through L'isle sur la Sorgue.

hungry dinosaurs

Took a trip with Philip a few weeks back to take pictures of this building that has been eroded rather gradually. The process started last year; there were once three towers. Now the dinosaur diggers are left organising the rubble. The view, I discovered, is much better from the bus but these are taken from the ground. I liked watching how the birds circled and settled on the top floors. On a brighter day with a better photographer you would see the checkers from each coloured wall. A doll's house with the front taken off to take a peek inside. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

came home

So it's finally got to the time of year in which I become quite difficult. My first important exam is a week Monday.

I came home to pick up my prescription and take the perishables - my parents are holidaying. Turns out the TV was the thing that stuck and has taken the most of my time. Writing here so at least I have made public my lack of progress - this might force me to work out of embarrassment.

On a brighter note, I am reminded that eyes and ears are GREAT and I am looking forward to dissecting the auditory pathway in May. Quite exciting.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Myasthenia gravis

I've noticed this poster around and not ever made the leap to look into what it was advertising (don't think that is the most appropriate word here). Perhaps I was avoiding staring at it. Can't be rude to a poster though so that doesn't make much sense. 
Anyway, turns out it is about myasthenia gravis - I studied this last year and then forgot about it.
The poster isn't particularly representative of the disease, it is more common in women than men and rarely effects children. Plus, there are more signs other than a dull facial expression and ptosis...