Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sunday, 27 March 2011

cycling jiggles the soul

Although an overcast day, it has been still enough for an enjoyable cycle, albeit ending with burning cold hands.
The day has been a romantic (perhaps sickening) vision of beaches and bikes and a dog and vinegar chips.

A list from today:
a wildlife book for scotland
a melon with 3 birthday candles
a quote from Nietzsche
philip glass tickets
oil rigs
space bicycle path
flirting with the rig men
the rig mens smell
an old boat
honking train
new trousers
boxed up flat

It began with awakening to a fear of the stress of the day; the ever nearing deadlines, exams and the shadow of tension from a heated discussion from the night before. After an hour of "snooze" with what I think was classic fm (I remember 3 versions of the same piece, using different instrumentation) I showered and ate. Eric generously attempted a "Bidwell" style birthday song.
Until 2pm, I read about MND and discovered I remembered more than I anticipated and also took a peek into my pharmacology textbook. I liked that. The time was interspersed with hair drying, dressing and thinking about tiramisu.
Armed with my camera, keys, BOOTIES and grey shawl, I descended on to cafe sicily for an iced coffee and  a coffee cream cake pile.
When I wear my booties, I either stomp or glide; I stomped. ( i hope)
Eric had a latte and garlic bread and awaited my arrival with a paper package including daffodils from his parents garden.
If I ever played the couple quiz in which you have to guess your sweethings favourite things, I know that garlic bread would be included in his last meal. I am now remembering the very heavy garlic bread of Wroklaw.

I'll continue this story tomorrow as I've realised it is 2.30. 
The clocks have changed.
We'll have light till 8pm tomorrow.

Don't know whether to publish this as it is really for me but as I have only a very small audience I don't think I'll offend anyone with my mutterings.

What the hell!

A good example of a good day. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011


After stimulus from the "Medicinal Arts" exhibit I'm reminded of the relevance of medicine and research. I've therefore approached study today with greater enthusiasm and I am trying not to hate vaginas and babies.

This is my evening view
pretty creepy

During the day it is a much more attractive sight.